Aptitude Recruitment would be happy to discuss your vacancies and requirements. We will take you through our process on how we would go about informing ourselves about your organisation and the nature of the role. We can update you on the current state of the market and give you an indication of remuneration levels for the roles you are interested in.

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Aptitude Recruitment specialises in recruiting for Market Research professionals for both agency-side and client-side roles. We have access to an extensive field of candidates from a variety of disciplines and at various stages in their careers. We can assist with placements from the graduate level up right up to the most senior levels of management.

We use the whole gamut of methods to ensure that you are introduced to the best candidates in the market including using our vast network of industry professionals to ensure that we find those candidates not only suitable for your position, but also well-respected by their peers.

In addition, as the industry has evolved to take advantage of new developments outside the industry, we’ve made connections with many professionals who do not have a Market Research background but are experts in those emerging technologies and techniques.

The roles that we can assist you in filling include:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative researchers
  • Research & communications consultants
  • Data analysts & media analysts
  • Field & operation professionals
  • Data processors & programmers
  • Statisticians
  • Evaluation practitioners
  • Econometricians
  • Online community and panel managers
  • Insight managers and client-side position

Through our observations of the industry, we have seen significant changes over the years in the methods and technologies used by the industry and the resultant changes to the duties and responsibilities of the various roles within the industry. We would be more than happy to share these observations with you.


At Aptitude Recruitment, we know that adding a new person to your business is so much more than a resourcing requirement. You are looking for someone who will be happy and productive in your team and is likely to grow and develop along with your organisation over the long term.

As we only specialise in the Market Research industry, we have extensive knowledge of the industry and its inner workings. Through many years of successful placements with have developed our own process to discern the requirements of each position at the role, team and business levels. While the tangible skills are always critical, we feel that the intangible attributes of the candidate are of at least equal importance to ensure the whole team works effectively reaches its full potential.

Often during this process, we are able to assist our clients refine their requirements through our knowledge of the job market and our industry insights.

When we have agreed on the requirements for the role, we then use our extensive capabilities to seek the best candidates for your position. We will only ever introduce you to the highest quality and on-spec candidates for you to assess against your own assessment methods.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your business requirements or even just to have a chat about the current market.