Research Director (Quant)

Permanent / Full Time
to $180K


Do you want to put your research and management skills to work in a reputable firm where you can help enhance business models and increase profits?

About our client

Our client is a major market research agency in Australia, offering research and analytics services to small and large enterprises in a variety of industries, including tourism, education, retail, automobiles, scholarships, transportation, fashion, finance and many more. They create highly efficient and practical procedures with the help of cutting-edge technology and tools that support businesses in succeeding in terms of revenue and achieving goals.

Most importantly, they are an employee-centric company that creates a supportive and enjoyable working environment for their employees. The incentive system, level of comfort, and professionalism are all the same, regardless of title or set of talents.

The role

You will demonstrate your capabilities and insights as a Research Director by contributing to proposal formulation and data analysis, as well as reporting and directing the research team. You will create procedures that not only encourage continuous workflow but also result in positive consequences for the clients’ product. 

This is a senior-level role and you will be in charge of a team of highly competent researchers and financial experts. You are expected to be a team player and play a major role in providing input, direction, networking, and encouraging a collaborative, high-performing culture of continuous improvement for the organisation and its clients. 

What you’ll do

  • Manage and supervise a team of researchers and financial professionals
  • Come up with creative and effective proposals, research, data analysis, insight generating and report writing concepts
  • Analyse consumer data and competitors’ plans and offer them with the most effective solutions
  • Stay side by side with the qualitative activities, facilitate and collaborate
  • Take regular input from your clients and discuss the areas that need to be improved
  • Specific analytical and research tools, methodologies and strategies are recommended for implementation
  • Examine surveys and provide suggestions for modifications and improvements
  • Able to complete additional jobs and tasks as needed

Knowledge and experience

  • A minimum of ten years’ experience in quantitative research
  • Strong analytical abilities are necessary.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate discipline is required.
  • Experience in commercial market/social study research
  • To command the team, you’ll need strong management and leadership abilities.
  • Have the ability to manage suppliers
  • Have a good expertise in project management for business growth

What we offer

  • Working on a variety of projects and products
  • Flexible time schedules
  • There are options for both on-site and remote work from home.
  • Social gatherings, extracurricular activities and a great work-life balance
  • A robust culture that values industrious and devoted employees

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your CV to, highlighting your competencies that fulfil the selection criteria.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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