Thomas Parish

“I was unhappy working in a corporate environment which really stifled my creativity, and I was so busy that I could not focus on my academic pursuits. Having worked with a colleague of Alison’s in the past, I trusted their recommendation. Aptitude took a thorough look at my academics, career experience, and my future goals in order to tailor the perfect opportunity from their extensive list of contacts. They addressed my time-poor situation and my burning desire for intellectual and creative engagement. Recruiters in the past have taken a surface level view, focusing on your CV and qualifications, whilst Alison is really committed to finding the perfect fit.

They won’t just throw you at any business that requires your skillset, they’ll really narrow down what it is you want to achieve in both your professional and personal life. I appreciate Aptitude’s emphasis on building client relationships, she really helped to smooth out the entire process. Aptitude’s approach to keeping in touch with both the employer and employee really helps build my confidence in the objectivity behind her decisions. The whole process was fast, efficient, and most importantly, very successful! If you’re looking to find your perfect role and build a successful career, it would be wise to contact Aptitude for a chat.”